Providing a high level of security for your event is both critical and challenging. You need peace of mind when it comes to securing access to artists, performers, politicians, and other dignitaries. You want to allow easy and quick access to those who are authorized, while keeping everyone else out of secured areas. RockStar Passes offers the highest security options available for securing your event. We’ve compiled a list of three effective event security methods for you to consider:

1 Foil Printing Foil printing, when done properly, is an inexpensive way to create backstage passes and badges that are nearly impossible to duplicate. RockStar Passes uses the best digital printing coupled with Heidelberg letterpress equipment to create the highest quality foiled badges and passes available. Since special dies have to be created and the foil has to be applied with heat and pressure, very few facilities have the equipment, technical know-how, and craftsmanship to produce foiled passes.

2 Satin Stick-On Passes Day-use satin stick-on passes are a great way to keep everyone honest. Satin passes can be colorized by day of week or by tour event to ensure proper access that is easily recognizable by your security staff. We also have many other methods to control single-use access, depending on your situation. We have innovated many effective solutions to fit the needs of our clients.

3 QR Codes (Custom Barcoding) Your security staff can use handheld devices or smartphones to scan the security badges of your other staff and attendees. Access may be granted to secure areas using specially crafted barcodes (QR codes.) This technology is one of the highest levels of security printing available on the market. Using QR Codes is one of the coolest and most effective event security methods available.

We offer additional security credential options, including photo id badges, sequential numbering, watermarks, and custom shapes. We can even act as your security printing consultant, if you wish, to find the right mix of features to meet your needs. When it comes to event security printing, we like to say that if it can be done, we can do it the best.

Give us a ring at 1-866-980-4362 or fill out our online form to get started. We offer free samples upon request. Also, be sure to check out our laminated passes and lanyard bundles for special deals!