The sports and entertainment industry prides itself on staying ahead of scalpers and forgers, and currently estimates that less than 1% of all tickets sold are fraudulent. Unfortunately, with industries bringing in billions of dollars in revenue, 1% can literally mean tens of millions! Ticketing companies remain committed to investigating and aggressively prosecuting ticket fraud, and they continue to roll out new security measures.

When it comes to fraud, our team at RockStar Passes says “not on our watch!” We’ve been in the entertainment business for almost 50 years, and we’ve seen every trick in the book! The good news is that we’re several steps ahead of the counterfeiters, and we’re here to make sure that our clients get every penny that they have coming. Here are some of the advanced security features that we can easily add to your custom event passes:

Holographic Foil Inserts

Holographic inserts have been a standard security feature for credit cards for almost three decades, and more recently, they’re also becoming a part of currency. Holographic foil is virtually impossible to counterfeit without very expensive equipment, and it also makes your passes look really cool! Imagine having a hologram of your event’s logo on every pass that you sell!

Variable Data

When you add UPC Bar codes or QR codes to your passes, there’s a unique number on each pass that your gate security personnel can scan with inexpensive equipment or a smart phone app. And, if you want to provide the ultimate in convenience to your guests, you can also add a QR code that will direct them to any website that you choose!

Photo Badges

For the ultimate VIP experience for your guests, we can also do photo badges! In addition to providing a great keepsake for your attendees, there will be no doubt who they are when going through security!

No matter how big or small of an event that you’re planning, you owe it to yourself and your guests to keep your event secure! Our team at RockStar Passes is committed to helping you maximize your profits, and elevate your event with the coolest passes around! And, most importantly, we stand behind everything we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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