Event planners rely on event printing professionals to ensure the success of their large-scale productions. But regardless of the size of the event, everyone can benefit from using a reputable printing company. Any business can advertise that it is qualified to handle sensitive event credentials or spectacular marketing materials. Do not be misled by unfounded claims! To determine you are getting the best product for your money, follow these simple guidelines:

Choose a company invested in technology.

Event printing has evolved beyond paper stock and color options. Select an operation that has modern equipment and an educated staff to avoid paying premium prices for outdated product.


Experience is an obvious indication, but pair that with a company that has a solid history you can verify. Details like a real physical address and phone number that connects you with the people working on your project increase your confidence as a customer.

Response times

Response times are an excellent indication of how important your business is to your event printer. Always confirm there are several ways to communicate with their team to minimize costly delays later.

Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen.

Templates ease the process of designing print materials, but they are never a substitute for well-trained graphic artists. Yes, you can produce a perfectly serviceable art scheme, but a graphic designer will maximize its potential.

Understand what you’re paying for from the beginning.

If you can’t get a sample with a quoted price, you can’t expect that what you are paying for now will be shipped to you later. Event printers have vendors too; if they can’t tell you what they’re buying, you don’t want what they’re selling.

You’re planning your big event. You’ve acquired the talent and arranged the venue. Remember, the only place you see the event printer’s name is on an invoice. That’s why you need professionals with the same expertise and commitment you expect from yourself — because their work will reflect on you long after the event is over.

RockStar Passes offers all of this and more. We want to rock your event with the best posters, badges, and lanyards you’ve seen. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us at 1-866-980-4362 or contact us online about the next big event on your horizon.