It’s estimated that as much as 1% of all music, sports, and special events tickets are forged. That might not sound like a very large number, but when considering the amount of events and tickets produced in any given year, it adds up, and quickly!

We offer a host of advanced security features, including QR barcodes and photo passes to help stop forgers in their tracks and keep your events secure. By individually customizing your passes, they will be much harder to duplicate, and you will be well-protected from any would-be gate crashers. And, for the ultimate in security, we also offer holographic foil!

We also offer a variety of event passes, including our most popular custom flush passes, our hermetically sealed pouch passes, and our satin, sticky, day passes. We are also capable of producing a wide selection of customizable screen print or dye sublimation lanyards. Our online price calculators and order uploaders are easy to use, and display an on-screen template to check your artwork against each pass’ set dimensions.

At RockStar Passes, we know how hard that event planners work, and we’re here to make at least one part of your job much easier. Contact us online at, or at (866) 980-4362, and let us know how we can help!