Getting that special look to the security passes you’ve created for your next event took a lot of work, but it was well worth it, especially considering the time, effort, and cost of the event itself. Today’s technology gives you unprecedented control over venue access, deployment of key personnel, and VIP logistics, all with real-time monitoring abilities.

You’re light years away from the old days of managing Joe Punk and the Punkrat Squallers by pulling out of your parents’ driveway in that creaky old microbus and hoping you didn’t get lost (or arrested) on the way to the Possum Squat High School gym to play the prom.

Times have changed and what you read in those Sci-Fi novels to kill time on the road back in the Punkrat days is Sci-Fact. The technology behind security printing we employ at RockStar Passes that used to exist in imagination is the way we do it every day.

But all that imbedded high-tech wizardry of variable data, customized graphics, QR codes, and counterfeit-foiling foil graphics security baked in to our best-selling flush cut or classic pouch passes can be undone by one skinny, cheap, bargain basement plastic string from Cheap String City because, hey, it’s just band lanyards, right? Save a few bucks, right?

We suggest coupon shopping, rewards cards, or a LowGasNearYou app for saving a few pennies, instead of the weakest link in the chain around everyone’s neck. Those strings will hold up fine until somebody moves, or the wind blows, or it just spontaneously falls apart. Not to mention the impression it makes that you did your bargain shopping at cheap&

Besides, unbreakable lanyards won’t break the bank, not at RockStar Passes. Our lanyards are made of top quality materials that won’t fall apart and with custom graphics, lettering, or logos (or all of the above) of any kind available, you can have that one-of-a-kind look that’s sure to impress. We contract with the biggest lanyard supplier in the world, which means great prices on any color, any design, any style, anything you want.

All with our 100 percent, you like it or we eat it, money back guarantee. With our experience, commitment to quality and RockStar level of customer service, you can’t go wrong.

So call RockStar Passes at 866-980-4362 or use our online contact form and we’ll get started. Because when all the links in your chain of venue security are RockStar strong, the real RockStar is you!