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Featured RockStar Employee: Olivia

At Rockstar Passes, we’re proud of our products, and even more proud of our team members. Our state-of-the-art machinery can’t run itself, and it would be very hard for us to take your order if our phones didn’t get answered. Also, we’d be lost if we didn’t have Olivia to help us stay organized.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR from RockStar Passes!


Merry Christmas from RockStar Passes


Check Out What Bundle Passes do for You!

Your big event is almost here, and the early buzz is beginning to get as loud as an approaching thunderstorm! You’re also realizing that as the date of your event gets closer, time seems to move just a little bit faster! But this isn’t your first rodeo, and you know that regardless of the hype and the pressure, you’ve got a job to do. You also know that doing the job right means finding the right people to help you take care of all of the details!

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