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Our Laminated Passes Offer a Classic Look at a RockStar Price

When you need passes for your big event, you probably have a big list of “must-haves,” including a clean, classic look, unique identifiers, durability, and, of course, pricing that will meet your budget.

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Check Out Our Satin Stick-Ons!

If you haven’t checked out the custom Satin Stick-ons from RockStar Passes it’s time to see what you’re missing. For day access, backstage passes, just about any purpose you can name, our Satin Stick-ons will rock the house with their cloth-like feel and old school cool, not to mention pricing that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in rock-n-roll history.

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Whether You Want Satin, Flush, or Pouch Passes, We’ve Got it All!

Media Credentials, Backstage Passes and More

Modern technology keeps changing our lives, and the newest innovation is event ticketing. It’s now possible to buy tickets without receiving a ticket at all; You now only need to pull out your smart phone, and let someone scan a QR code. It’s convenient, it doesn’t create paper waste, and it’s inexpensive. But it’s not nearly as much fun as flashing your VIP pass, and getting waved through the front door as everyone in line behind you watches!

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How to Personalize Your Passes

Need Custom Badges for Your Event? Remember These Two Things

Your big event is almost here, and the last few months have been the busiest of your life. After you worked so hard to create a unique brand and memorable experience for your guests, do you really want to issue them a “one size fits all” pass? Of course not!

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RockStar Passes for RockStar Customers!

You know the drill. You’ve worked and worked, slaving on the road night after rock-n-roll night, going from fan to follower to roadie and now you are the man. As in manager. As in Capital R-oad Capital M-anager. Traffic cop to the stars.

You know you’ve arrived when instead of it being your job to pick out the red jellybeans from the lead guitarist’s favorite munchie, your job is to pick out the lucky guy whose job it now becomes.

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