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Taking your team on the road? don’t forget the bag tags!

Our team at RockStar Passes is Arkansas’ top supplier of premium quality printed badges and custom credentials, and we’re ready to help you keep you and your equipment organized. We’ll be glad to produce the event credentials that you need, and, for the ultimate in convenience, we can also print athletic bag tags that will make sorting bags amongst individuals easier than ever.

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When you’re purchasing equipment for your championship season, don’t forget the bag tags!

It’s been a season made of magic, and your dream team is making a trip through the semi-finals on its way to the big championship game! That means excitement, confusion, road trips, and the potential for a whole lot of unpredictability. You’ve loaded up the team on the bus, stowed their gear and all their bags, and are officially underway…but are you sure that you have everything?

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Taking your team on the road? Don’t forget the custom bag tags!

Taking your team on the road? Don't forget the custom bag tags!

There’s definitely nothing like having home court or home field advantage, but handing your archrivals a loss on the road feels pretty good, too! And one of the great things about a road trip is that you’re free of the distractions that you have at home, and for at least a day or two, it’s all about the team!

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Keep Those Bags Together With Bag Tags from RockStar Passes

It’s tournament time. Your team is about to go on the road, and so is your pep band, your cheerleading squad, your dance team, and your whole coaching staff. Everyone’s excited about the long bus trip, the big games, and of course, the afterparties that you’ll enjoy after each big win. On the other hand, no one looks forward to the madness that comes with unloading the bus and trying to get everyone’s luggage sorted out.

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Need Tags for Your Team Athletic Bags? Call Us!

It was bound to happen. No sooner did “Hoops” Hooper take charge as manager of the Possum Squat Jr. College and Industrial Education Emporium basketball team (the “Weasels”) than the Weasels went down in flames to the Rosemont Reformatory Raptors, partly because of the unfortunate mix-up of bags that has since become legend wherever high level sports are played.

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